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Varivas Nogales Death Lock Wide Hook

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Quick Specs:
Ultra-Fine Wire | High-Power Carbon Steel
Zero “FriXion” Coat
Wide Gap | Short Shank
Wacky, Dropshot, Neko, etc.
Qty: 10 pcs per pack

The popular Death Lock Hook is now available with a wide gap. From Varivas’ sub-brand Nogales, Death Lock Wide is the ideal small hook for finesse rigging soft plastics and ensuring clean and consistent hooksets with even finicky and small-mouthed fish. Death Lock Wide Hooks are also coated with Varivas’ Zero “FriXion” Coat, allowing for effortless penetration from the super smooth and sharp tip. Try Death Lock Wide Hooks on wacky, Neko, and dropshot rigs when fishing for bass, panfish, trout, and more.


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