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VanFook PL-51B Plugging Single Heavy Wire Barbless


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Quick Specs:
Heavy Wire Gauge
Stealth Black Coating
Designed for Stream Fishing
Made in Japan
Qty/Pack: 12 pcs

VanFook PL-51B is a premium quality JDM single barbless hook developed for catch-and-release plugging. PL-51B is made in Japan from only premium quality heavy gauge wire. The heavy weight of these hooks makes them excellent replacements for trebles. Proper balance is maintained by keeping the weight of the single hook as close to that of the stock treble hooks, which can dramatically impact the action of some lures. PL-51B is coated in a stealth black finish that offers smooth penetration, corrosion resistance, and less visual flash, making this hook an excellent choice for pressured fisheries. Designed for targeting large trout and salmon with plugs, PL-51B is also an excellent choice for bass.


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