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Duo Realis Rozante 63SP – Suspending Jerkbait


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Quick Specs:
63mm | 2.48″
5g | 1/6oz
0.6-0.8m | 2-3ft Diving Depth
Suspending Finesse Jerkbait
Duo “Grade-A” Series
Magnetic Weight Transfer System | #10 Treble Hooks
Made in Japan

The Duo Realis Rozante 63SP is Duo’s first lure in their Realis “Grade-A” series. The Realis Rozante 63SP is a finesse suspending jerkbait designed to trigger a feeding reaction in bass. With its pulsating “short-pitch” action, the Realis Rozante 63SP mimics the action of baitfish fleeing from predators, creating a fierce instinctual reaction from bass as soon as the lure comes into their line of sight. The Realis Rozante 63SP can be worked with a shad-like action by twitching the rod tip for a deadly panicked action or with a straight receive to cover large areas of water.

The Realis Rozante 63SP is equipped with a magnetic weight transfer system to assist in casting distance and accuracy, making this jerkbait perfect for bait finesse tackle. Made in Japan and equipped with ultra-sharp size #10 JDM treble hooks, the Realis Rozante 63SP is a high-quality option while out on the water, whether fishing from the bank or a boat.


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