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Jackson Kanade


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Quick Specs:
Semi-Long Lip | Dives and Holds Depth
Trapezoidal Shape | Rolling Body Action

Kanade 4040mm (1.6")3g (7/64oz)Sinking#14 Trebles
Kanade 4545mm (1.8")3.4g (1/8oz)Slow Sinking#14 Trebles
Kanade 5050mm (2")5g (3/16oz)Sinking#12 Trebles

The Jackson Kanade is a sinking minnow specifically designed to target the slower depths of streams, creeks, and rivers where trout tend to hold. It’s perfect for reaching the slower pockets in fast streams, letting the lure sink to the desired depth, and then using the semi-long lip to hold a position in the strike zone. The Kanade has a trapezoid body shape that offers an intense rolling and flashing action on the fall and when twitched with the rod tip.

The compact and dense body of the Jackson Kanade makes it perfect for casting on bait finesse (bfs) tackle. The shape of the minnow cuts through the air, allowing anglers to cover more water and place the minnow with a high level of accuracy. The density of the lure also adds to its overall durability, enabling anglers to work the Kanade through rocky areas confidently.

The Jackson Kanade is available in three sizes. The 40 and 50 sizes are heavy for their class, which allows them to sink quickly and makes them perfect for tackling fast-moving currents. The 45 size sinks more slowly, which allows anglers to work the lure with more responsiveness and accuracy.


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