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Duo Spearhead Ryuki 46S


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Quick Specs:
46mm | 1.8″
5g | 1/6oz
Sinking Minnow | Fixed Weight System
#12 Treble Hooks | #0 Split Rings
Made in Japan

The highly popular Duo Spearhead Ryuki has been redesigned for more aggressive action and easier casting when using bait finesse tackle. Weighing in at 1g heavier than the original 45S, the Spearhead Ryuki 46S offers improved casting distance and accuracy. The additional weight also allows the 46S to be fished more aggressively, in stronger currents and gets deeper on the fall. The newly redesigned body features a less pronounced back arch, while the new weighting system features a new trapezoidal-shaped internal weight, giving the Spearhead Ryuki 46S a fresh yet familiar action inherent to the Ryuki lineage. Fish the Spearhead Ryuki 46S by casting diagonally across creeks, streams, and rivers, working the lure back with rapid twitches and quick pauses to target trout, sunfish, bass, and more.


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