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Vanfook LSP-40F Spoon Expert Hook Loop Micro Barb


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Quick Specs:
Assist hooks for Spoons
Micro Barb | Medium Heavy Wire
Black Fusso (PTFE) Coated
Made in Japan
Qty/pack: 5 pcs

Vanfook LSP-40F Spoon Expert Hook Loop Micro Barb utilizes Vanfook’s premium Spoon Experthook for these high-quality loop eye assist hooks. By utilizing a soft loop to connect to the lure, the hooks are granted a full range of motion, resulting in a better hook-up ratio, fewer thrown hooks, and a more natural swimming action. The hooks are made from a medium-heavy wire and are coated with Fusso Black PTFE for an ultra-smooth surface that offers excellent penetration.

Size #8~#6: Suitable for spinner and spooning in mountain streams.
Size #4~#1: Ideal for spooning middle-size trout in lakes and marshes.


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