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Vanfook DT-35F Stream Treble Medium


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Quick Specs:
Fine Wire Treble Hooks
Designed for mountain stream fishing
PTFE Coating | Smooth Hooking
Made in Japan
20 pcs

Vanfook DT-35F Stream Treble Medium is a value pack of high-quality replacement fine-wire treble hooks for small hard baits. This round bend hook is perfect when targeting small trout, bass, and panfish. Designed to offer an increased hookup ratio, the center of the hook is deliberately unbalanced so that the hook points are positioned away from the lure body when in motion. DT-35F is coated with a PTFE coating, making them extremely smooth for easy hook penetration. The PTFE coating also protects the hook from corrosion, making these hooks extremely rust-resistant. With 20 hooks per pack, Vanfook DT-35F is perfect for keeping your lures in top condition with frequent hook swaps.


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