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Jackall Flick Curly 3.8"
Jackall Flick Curly 3.8″

Jackall Flick Curly 3.8″


Quick Specs:
96.5mm | 3.8″
1.9g | 1/14oz
Curly Tail Finesse Worm | Shrimp Scent
Texas Rig | Dropshot | Split Shot Rig
Qty: 9 pcs per pack

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The Jackall Flick Curly 3.8″ is a finesse worm developed to entice bites in even high pressured fishing situations. The ultra-thin profile, coupled with the action of the curly tail, amounts to a worm that draws attention without scaring off wary bass. Each worm is strongly scented with Jackall’s proprietary Shrimp Super Formula for an extra added appeal. The Flick Curly 3.8″ is an absolute killer when paired to a dropshot rig but also works well on a Texas rig, split shot rig, and other popular worm presentations.


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