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Cashion Icon Series Bait Finesse System Rods


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Quick Specs:
Built from the ground up for BFS Fishing
American Sourced CR6r Raw Carbon Fiber Blank
High TG Epoxy (HTE) | Increased Sensitivity
Handmade Carbon Fiber Grip | Blank through Reel Seat Design
Micro Guides | Hook Keeper
Made in the USA

Note: Cashion Icon rods are drop shipped directly from Cashion HQ using FedEx. Please see our Shipping page for more information.

The Cashion Icon Series Bait Finesse System Rods offer American-made premium quality rods designed explicitly for ultra-light and finesse presentations with two technique-specific models.
Constructed from high-quality CR6r graphite, designed and manufactured in Sanford, NC, the Icon Series Bait Finesse System Rods offer enhanced sensitivity with responsive, fast action blanks perfectly suited for BFS fishing for bass. The fast taper of the Icon Series Bait Finesse System Rods allows for quick and easy loading near the rod tip, increasing accuracy and putting the power of the rod higher up the blank to allow for control when fighting big fish. The hand-made carbon fiber grips, constructed from USA-sourced materials, provide a secure, durable, and dense grip that transmits even the lightest of vibrations directly to the angler. The ergonomic reel seat provides all-day comfort while casting, and the blank-through design further increases sensitivity and allows for direct blank contact while working lures. Equipped with micro guides, the Icon Series Bait Finesse System Rods provide smooth and accurate cast control while keeping these rods lightweight and further increasing sensitivity.

The 6’10” medium-light power model is designed for single hook applications—an excellent choice for dropshot, Ned rigging, finesse jigs, shakey heads, and more. The strong backbone of this model allows for consistent and easy hooksets, while the soft tip allows for easy loading and casting.

The 7′ light power model is designed for treble hook applications. Well suited for finesse crankbaits, poppers, and jerkbaits, this model offers a lighter backbone that loads more deeply on the cast and keeps fish pinned when using the small treble hooks commonly found on bfs sized hard baits.

CR6r Blank Material Science:

Cashion Carbon Fiber fishing rod blanks are designed and manufactured in Sanford, NC. Cashion stands for American-Made, Material Science Technology, and the Craftsmen to build detailed-oriented carbon fiber fishing rod blanks. Cashion is obsessed with attention to detail and especially at the molecular level. Cashion carbon blank design has focused at the molecular level to utilize epoxies that excel at encapsulating and physically bonding to high-performance carbon fiber.

● American-made blank and American-sourced carbon fiber
● Raw Finish CR6r blank for extreme sensitivity and durability
● Advanced Interface Bonding (AIB) – AIB is a combination of mechanical and additive technology to create ultra-high bond strength at the interface of carbon fiber and epoxy matrix
● Proprietary Weight Reduction (PWR) Engineering – Novel reinforcing strategy to increase hoop strength but limit weight increase
● High Tg Epoxy (HTE) formulation with AIB – Novel epoxy with impressive mechanical properties and high modulus for increased blank sensitivity

1 review for Cashion Icon Series Bait Finesse System Rods

  1. Bassman Strikes

    Grips are amazing as well as the action.
    I landed a huge carp with mine and a Ned rigged crawz on. 1/10oz jig.

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