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Tiemco PDL Super Hovering Fish 3″

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Quick Specs:
3″ | 1.8g
Hover Strolling Technique
Durable ECO-Friendly Material
Hollow Body | Realistic Flash | 3 Pin Tail
Made in Jaoan
Qty/pack: 7 pcs [*Real Colors (#70-#74) contain 5 pcs]

We also offer the Tiemco PDL Super Hovering Fish 2.5″ for a downsized presentation.

The ultimate Hover Strolling soft bait, Tiemco PDL Super Hovering Fish 3″, is packed with unique features that set it apart while delivering on all the key elements needed for strolling techniques. Constructed from an ECO-friendly and durable soft plastic, Super Hovering Fish features a hollow body design with a highly appealing flash in the water that draws fish in from long distances. When paired with an ultra-light nail weight, Super Hovering Fish almost suspends in the water, allowing anglers to slowly drift the middle water column. With each gentle shake of the rod tip, Super Hovering Fish slowly rolls side to side with ultra finesse and minute movements. The unique tail design amplifies the action by quivering with even the slightest movement, and the three tiny pintails at the very end add micro-movements that aggravate even the most tight-lipped bass into biting.

Perfect for targeting suspended fish in clear water conditions, Hover Strolling is an ultra-finesse technique that calls fish in from far distances and coaxes them into biting. Using a small, unweighted jig hook (L-shaped hook) and a light (approx. 0.4-0.9g) nail weight in the nose of a finesse pin or straight tail soft plastic, the bait can be retrieved at an extremely slow pace, making it seem nearly suspended in the water. With a super finesse presentation being the primary objective, hover rigs work best without rapid rod movements. Instead, a very gentle up-and-down shaking of the rod tip will allow the bait to gently roll side to side, creating a lot of flash in the water that draws the attention of predatory fish while maintaining the realism and subtlety needed for highly pressured fisheries.


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