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Roro VIB Micro Vibrating Blade Bait


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Quick Specs:
Micro Blade Bait
Luminous Eye | Multiple Rigging Options
Single Micro-Barbed Minnow Hook
Pairs with Roro Micro Finesse Swimbait 1.6″

The VIB is a high-frequency micro vibrating blade bait from Roro Lure designed specifically for bait finesse system fishing. Suitable for many freshwater species, the VIB produces a wide wobbling and unique action. The VIB features a copper body with a lead alloy weight placed toward the rear and is finished with high-quality paint and a luminous eye. Attach the VIB from the bottom eyelet to your line via a snap to produce a fast vibrating action, perfect for burning the VIB to cover water while searching for a bite. The secondary eyelet at the top can be utilized to connect a spinner blade or feathered trailer to the Roro VIB for additional drawing power. Additionally, the VIB can be paired with a soft plastic trailer to create a rig that acts as a swim jig, helping to draw bigger bites whether fishing for trout, panfish, crappie, perch, or bass. The VIB Micro Vibrating Blade Bait from Roro Lure is an asset in any bait finesse anglers lineup.

2g: A small profile VIB for attracting smaller species. The compact body can be cast with ease on most bait finesse tackle.

3g: Β Slightly larger than the 2g variant, the 3g VIB can be used when longer casting is called for without upsizing to a large profile. Smaller soft plastics can be trailered to alter action and change the lure profile.

5g: A slightly smaller profile than the 7g VIB, the 5g variant is excellent for clear water situations when a longer casting lure is needed. A soft plastic trailer can be used to make the VIB into a swim jig with a subtle vibration when targeting pressured fish.

7g: Designed as the longest casting model. Able to be fished with and without a larger soft plastic trailer, the 7g VIB is considered the most versatile model in the lineup. The 7g VIB excels when used as a “search bait” to cover water and find fish.



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