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Roro Micro Finesse Swimbait 1.6″


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Quick Specs:
40mm | 1.6″
0.4g | 1/64oz
Low Center of Gravity | Salt Infused
Ultra-Thin Tail Design | Hook Slits on Both Sides
Made to Pair with Roro VIB
Qty: 10 pcs per pack

The Roro Micro Finesse Swimbait is made to perfectly pair with the Roro VIB Micro Vibrating Blade Bait. This small soft plastic comes in at 1.6″ in length and 0.4g for a perfect bite-size bait for trout, bass, panfish, and light saltwater species. Featuring a low center of gravity on an asymmetrical body infused with salt, the Micro Finesse Swimbait offers a stable swimming posture. The ultra-thin tapered tail design provides an excellent flicking action during the retrieve and entices bites from fish of every size. Featuring hook slits on top and bottom, the Roro Micro Finesse Swimbait is easy to rig straight to ensure the correct action is presented on every cast. Try the Roro Micro Finesse Swimbait as a trailer, on a small jig head, or even as an extra finesse dropshot presentation.


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