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Mukai B-Ball Micro Spinnerbait

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Quick Specs:
45mm | 1.77″
2.8g | 1/10 oz
Colorado Blade | Stainless Steel Ball Bearing
Colored Lead Bite Bead | Single Barbless Hook

These Japanese-designed B-Buzz Micro Spinnerbaits by Mukai are tiny in size and big in drawing power. Each spinnerbait features a colorado blade that creates a steady thump in the water and brilliant flash, attracting fish from a distance regardless of the water conditions. The colored bite bead then acts as a target point allowing the fish to hone in on a bite at the hook. Weighing in at 2.8 grams with all the hardware attached and featuring a single barbless hook, the Mukai B-Ball Micro Spinnerbait is perfect for active trout and shallow-water panfish. Available in various colors to suit all fishing situations that call for a compact but exciting approach. We recommend using a 3-5lb monofilament line and a small 1-2″ soft plastic trailer for the best action from the Mukai B-Ball Micro Spinnerbait.



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