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Eurotackle Micro Finesse EPF Swim 1″


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Quick Specs:
1″ | 0.4g
Paddle Tail | Ribbed Body
S-Pheremone technology
Collab with Extreme Philly Fishing
Qty: 9 pcs per pack

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The Eurotackle EPF Swim is a paddle tail lure with a short but fat body that will provide an extremely natural swimming action and a very stable balance. Eurotackle added rounded bulky segments to the bait to give it a subtle but realistic wobble.

Paired with the Eurotackle Soft Lock Tungsten Jig Head (Size #6 Hook), this is the ultimate ultralight combo! This mini soft lure will be a fantastic soft plastic for all types of panfish, crappie, bluegill perch, bass, trout, and a lot more species, of course! You’ll be able to work that bait even with a slow retrieve which will be essential when the bite is tough. Last but not least, this Eurotackle/EPF signature lure is scented with Eurotackle’s secret S-Pheromone technology attractant.


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