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Jackall Timon BuriBuri Minnow


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Quick Specs:
40mm | 1.6″
2.4g | 1/12oz
Floating | 2.5ft Diving Depth
Shallow Diving Crankbait
#8 Single Barbless Hooks

The Jackall Timon BuriBuri Minnow is a shallow water crankbait designed specifically for area trout fishing. With a diving depth of 2.5ft (80cm), the BuriBrui Minnow is the perfect search bait for shallow water trout yet equally effective on other predatory species. The straight edge bill offers excellent deflection off structure and a quick start of the minnow’s wide swimming action upon retrieve. Intricately molded scaling on the minnow adds to the realistic detailing giving the BuriBuri Minnow a life-like look when in motion. The detailed scaling also reflects light to help draw attention for quick reaction bites. Equipped with Japanese single barbless hooks, the BuriBuri Minnow is perfectly suited for catch and release fishing right out of the box.


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