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KastKing Zephyr Bait Finesse Reel

(4 customer reviews)
We no longer support or stock Kastking products. We highly recommend Tsurinoya reels as an alternative, higher-quality offering: CLICK HERE
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Quick Specs:
Magnetic Braking System | Carbon Fame and Side Plates
Drag Clicker | Clicking Drag Star
7.2:1 Gear Ratio | 29.8″ Per Handle Turn
Spool Weight: 7.6g excl. bearing
Bearings: 6+1
Drag Power: 10lb
Line Capacity: 4lb Mono – 75 Yards | 10lb Braid – 80 Yards

Note: All models include a drag clicker.

The Zephyr BFS Reel from KastKing is the first bait finesse reel released by an American brand. KastKing undertook an extensive design and manufacturing process to deliver the affordability and lightness of carbon fiber while offering the durability and smoothness of precision-made gears and bearings in a reel that weighs in at 5.6oz. Offering a 10lb drag system that utilizes carbon fiber washers, the Zephyr Reel can hold its own when targeting a wide array of species and fishing conditions using light lines and lures. A machined and ported spool paired with an eight magnet adjustable braking system allows the Zephyr to cast a wide range of bait finesse-sized lures with controlled accuracy and distance. Other features include a drag clicker for an audible alert of the line being played, EVA handle knobs, and clicking drag star and tension knob for easy adjustments and tuning.

4 reviews for KastKing Zephyr Bait Finesse Reel

  1. SamB (verified owner)

    Solid reel that performs well right out of the box. The soft touch knobs and the side plate lock are nice features. Drag clicker could be a little louder for my tastes but it works. Casts down to 1.5g baits/lures for me without issues, have yet to try to go lighter.

  2. Robert Yang (verified owner)

    This was my very first baitcaster. I’d used spinning reels and fly reels previously, so I had a bunch of bad spinning rod habits to break, and I made all the usual newbie mistakes. First, don’t fill up the spool; 40m is more than enough. Second, start with 1/8 oz test weights (or heavier). The rest was understanding how the spool tension and mag brake settings interact, figuring out how to clear overruns and bird nests, and eventually what kind of line I preferred.

    Eventually I went with JDM reels for trout-sized stuff, but I do still use the Zephyr in my kayak for tossing Ned rigs and the like (5-7g). Have caught some fairly hefty bucketmouths on this reel already and can definitely say that the drag works 🙂

  3. Mat Ross

    I had got this reel just getting into bfs and i have the shimano slx digital controll left hand had the highest one u could get amd yes that reel is the deal for fishing but let me tell u with me casting normal well u get it out there but i didnt reel lize that the the zephyr could cast easiar and further than my dogital reel no joke just a lil use of my wrist and this lil timy lure went further than a digital control reel with two hands on rod and to think barley if did it to i was so shocced and i was catching fish that people wernt i was shocced but was so sad when all my fishing gear all the expensive ones got stolen from my house and had to have come and take pics and look up cuz no one where i live would no which was which and just took the ones that were worth cash….. now starting over again

  4. Jackson Jenkins (verified owner)

    Super cool reel this was my first time using a BFS reel and so far its a awesome reel super smooth casting great feel super light i matched with the kastking 5’6” zephyr and the combo works very well

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