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Kastking Kastpro 13X Finesse Braided Line


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Quick Specs:
13 Strand Finesse Braid
UHMPE Fibers | 36 PPI
150yd Spool


  • 6lb/0.12mm/0.0047″/16.7lb break strength
  • 8lb/0.14mm/0.0055″/19.8lb break strength
  • 10lb/0.16mm/0.0063″/23.3lb break strength

Kastking’s Kastpro 13X Finesse Braid is an ultra-thin, ultra-strong, and ultra-smooth braided line specifically for finesse fishing and designed for freshwater and saltwater. Offering superior knot strength and zero stretch, Kastpro 13X Finesse Braid allows for easy hooksets and extreme sensitivity. Constructed from high-quality UHMPE fibers, with a strength rating 10x that of steel fibers, Anglers can confidently fish the Kastpro 13X Finesse braided line in the harshest conditions.

Kastking Kastpro X13 Finesse Braided Line
Kastking Kastpro X13 Finesse Braided Line


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