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Jackson Gallop Baby


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Quick Specs:
Saltwater Micro Metal Jig
Center-Weighted | Horizontal Fall
Front Assist Hook | Rear Treble Hook

Hook Sizes:
3g – Front #10 Single, Rear #14 Treble
5g – Front #8 Single, Rear #12 Treble

The Jackson Gallop Baby was created to target wary fish that easily spook from traditional soft plastic and hard-bodied lures while being able to reach depths beyond the range of most micro lures. This center-balanced micro jig is designed to reduce line twist and offer increased control and casting distances with its fish-like body. The Gallop Baby offers a sharp action when worked with a quick twitching retrieve near the surface and a fluttering horizontal fall that can be used to target deeper areas in the water column. Work the Gallop Baby with a combination of twitches, pauses, and deep falls to target mackerel, rockfish, and other light game salt species.


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