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Jackson Blast Beats Rod Series


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Quick Specs:
Fuji SS Guides | Fuji SiC-S Ring
Fuji PMTS Micro-Trigger Reel Seat
1 Piece Blank | 24T/36T Carbon
Multi-Axial Carbon Wrap
+98% Carbon Fiber / Glass Blend Blank
Includes Protective Tip Cover and Durable Rod Sleeve

The Jackson Blast Beat series offers the ultimate JDM rods for beginners to tournament anglers alike.

The lineup is suitable for various tackle and fishing styles, with technique-specific rod models built to perfectly present a variety of rigs and lures.

The blanks use different materials for each model: the contact finesse rod is built with 36t carbon material with superior sensitivity, while the cranking model features 24T carbon for a more moderate action suitable for treble hooked lures.

In the search for further strength, the blank sheets are wound not only in one direction (0 degrees) but also in the direction of 90 degrees and tightened with carbon tape at 45 degrees. This multi-axial structure dramatically improves the rigidity and durability of the Blast Beat Rod Series. The guides are stainless steel frames with SiC-S inserts made by Fuji Industry Co., Ltd. to offer excellent durability. Compared to standard SiC rings, Fuji’s all-new SiC-S rings are lighter with higher sensitivity due to the weight reduction. The inner diameter of the guide rings is also wider, which also helps to improve the casting distance. The reel seat of the Blast Beat Rod Series baitcasting models adopt all NEW micro trigger reel seats manufactured by Fuji Industry Co., Ltd., Making them easy to grasp, with a micro trigger ideally suited for excellent operability. The EVA foam handle grip is durable and does not slip, even on rainy days and with wet hands.

With the fusion of technology cultivated with Quon and advanced parts, everyone can enjoy the essence of bass fishing. Whether you intend to use Blast Beats for casual fishing or tournament angling, these are the new ultimate standard in bass rods.


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