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Z-man TRD CrawZ


Quick Specs:
64mm | 2.5″
X.Xg | x/x oz
ElaZtech Material | Durable
Floating | Buoyant Claws
Qty: 6 pcs per pack

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Designed to be a lifelike craw imitation the Z-Man TRD CrawZ is a killer finesse bait for Ned rigs, micro Texas rigs, or as a finesse jig trailer. Made from Z-Man’s ElaZtech soft plastic these baits are extremely durable and offer a great defensive stance with their buoyant claws. With a 2.5″ body the TRD CrawZ is perfect for downsizing when the fish are wary of larger baits and can be pitched into cover, swam along the bottom, or dragged on a Ned rig. The “tucked in tail” design and the flat underside give this small bait a great gliding action on the fall, an ideal action for finesse fishing. Lakes, ponds, streams… anywhere real craws are present the TRD CrawZ is sure to be a great bait to use.


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