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Imakatsu Baby Fujin Super Spider


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Quick Specs:
33mm (1.3″) | 2g (1/16oz)
Floating Insect Bait
Durable and Bouyant Elastomer Material
Floating Jig Head with Finesse Skirt, Mono Weed Guard, Treble Hook Hangar
Qty/pack: 1 Set (Jig Head + Soft Body), 2 Spare Soft Bodies

Designed to imitate an insect struggling on the water surface, the Imakatsu Baby Fujin Super Spider is a bait with a track record of tournament success in Japan. The soft body is made from a high buoyancy elastomer material uniquely formulated for overwhelming durability. Cast Baby Fujin Super Spider under overhangs and gently shake your rod tip with a controlled slack line to create the effect of an insect falling and struggling on the water’s surface. With its small appendages designed to minimize forward movement, Baby Fujin Super Spider coaxes bass into feeding by creating gentle, natural ripples in one spot for as long as possible. Baby Fujin Super Spider can also be worked with twitches of the rod tip for a walking action that is particularly effective when bass are actively chasing forage. Included with Baby Fujin Super Spider is a color-matched high-floating resin jighead designed to increase casting distance as well as provide an additional layer of fish-attracting action with the inclusion of silicone skirting. To increase hookup rates when the fish are short-striking, the jig head is equipped with an additional eyelet on the bottom so that anglers may hanga thin wire (size #12 recommended) treble hook as a stinger. Baby Fujin Super Spider includes two spare soft bodies that can be used on the included jig hed or rigged with an open hook and a small nail weight.


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