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Jackson Bone Bait Jr 2″ Swimbait


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Quick Specs:
2″ | 0.7g
Flat Side Swimbait | Ribbed Body
Strong Tail Action
Qty/pack: 8 pcs

Bone Bait Jr. from Jackson is a small 2″ soft swimbait with a hard-thumping tail action that draws bites from all freshwater and saltwater light game species. With its flat-sided and ribbed body design, Bone Bait Jr. provides a natural swimming action and easily collapses on the bite, ensuring a high hook-up percentage. The fine ribs running around the body add an extra layer of allure by displacing water and creating micro-vibrations that attract fish from a distance. Rigged on a simple jig head, Bone Bait Jr. is highly effective at any retrieve speed. Whether slowly crawling on the bottom or quickly burned subsurface, Bone Bait Jr. provides a stable swimming action that fools even the most cautious fish. Bone Bait Jr. Can also be rigged on a dropshot, split shot rig, cheb rig, or used as a trailer for your favorite finesse swimming jig.


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