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Huerco FF Series Travel Rod


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Quick Specs:
FF Series – Fun Fishing
Fiberglass Rod | Tuned for Top Water and Cranking
Stainless Steel Guides | Alconite Rings
Premium Cork | Split Grip Handle

Short Fiberglass Baitcasting Rod

The concept is to enjoy fishing anytime, anywhere. Such a FF series is a short-sized glass rod that is easy for anyone from children to adults to handle. With its compacted size at 14.38″, it is easy to carry, and you can enjoy lure fishing on the go … It is a perfect model for such use.

Of course, it can also be used in earnest as a primary rod, and it is easy to handle even with kayaks and floaters,  making it ideal for light to medium-light topwater games and cranking.

FF Series [Fun Fishing]

I want to use it anytime and anywhere “when I want to play a little.” The concept of the FF “Fun Fishing” series is “easy and fun.” It is a non-genre pack rod that anglers can enjoy in various settings. The concept is casual, but the performance is authentic; even expert anglers will be satisfied. Experience the fun in various fields, from beginners to veterans, with excellent flexibility that brings out the characteristics of the glass material.

FF Blanks & Guide Specs

The material of the blanks is fiberglass. By making it hollow and thin, the weight of the glass material is minimized, and it is finished as a lightweight and sticky glass rod. As it becomes softer and better, it also bites into the fish well and follows according to the strength and weakness, reducing the disparity after hitting. Since the “blanks tension” during casting and action is also maintained moderately, it is easy to throw and take action even with a lightweight lure. The FF500 series is ideal for mountain streams, tube fishing, small topwater, etc., Also recommended for topwater lures. A small diameter stainless steel frame and Alconite insert ring are used for the guides.


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