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Booyah Pond Magic Buzz

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Quick Specs:
115 mm | 4.5″
3.5g | 1/8 oz (Jig Head Weight)
7.6g | 1/4 oz (Total Weight)
Premium Nickel-Plated Mustad 2/0 Hook
60-Strand Skirt | Painted Blade
Color Matched for Small Forage

Booyah’s Pond Magic Buzz is a small and colorful buzzbait made for small waters. Featuring unique hard-coated paint combinations to match the forage in small ponds, these buzzbaits are an incredible summertime power BFS lure. Coming in at around 1/4oz in total weight, these buzzbaits should be thrown on light to medium light rods with either straight braid or 8 to 10lb monofilament line. You can add a soft plastic trailer to enhance the appeal of this buzzbait and help it stay higher on the water when retrieved.


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