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Avail Microcast Spool 16ALD15R + Avail Magnets – Shimano 16 Aldebaran BFS


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Quick Specs:
4.9g Spool Weight (Including Bearing)
4-6lb Mono/Fluoro Line Rating | 45m (50 yds) 4lb Line Capacity
Duraluminum Spool Body | Duraluminum Spool Shaft
Includes Shaft Bearing (Size: 740)
1.5mm Spool Depth – Ultra Shallow
Includes Necessary Brake Magnets
Made in Japan

2016 Aldebaran BFS

The Avail Microcast Spool for the 2016 Shimano Aldebaran BFS offers a significant upgrade in lightweight performance over the stock factory spool. Avail, a premium aftermarket reel tuning brand from Japan, is renowned worldwide for its highly well-balanced and light bait finesse spools. The Microcast Spool 16ALD15R is ultra-shallow, coming in at only 1.5mm in spool depth, and offers a roughly 35% reduction in overall spool weight versus the factory spool of the 2016 Aldebaran BFS. These improvements amount to a more controlled and longer distance cast with lightweight lines (4-6lb) and ultra-light lure weights. Due to the increased space from the spool body to the magnetic braking system, aftermarket magnets are required (typically sold separately) for proper braking control when using the Avail Microcast Spool. We include these magnets with the Avail Microcast 16ALD15R spool. Place the eight neodymium on top of the factory magnets to install. No tools are required.

Note: The Avail 16ALDR15 spool shaft is slightly thicker in diameter than the stock spool shaft and uses a bearing sized 4mm (Inner) X 7mm (Outer). The spool shaft bearing is included with your purchase.


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