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Owner C’ultiva JH-85 Flow Bullet Jig Head


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Quick Specs:
Bullet Shaped Head
Two Line Tie Eyes
Thread Bait Keeper
Qty: 5 pcs per pack

C'ultiva JH-85

Packing several innovative features into a micro-sized package, Owner C’ultiva JH-85 Flow Bullet Jig Head is perfect for swimming and drifting micro soft plastics. Flow Bullet is equipped with two line eyes. Connecting to the front eye produces a rising action on the retrieve, keeping the bait higher in the water column to target fish feeding near the surface. When connected to the main eye, Flow Bullet maintains a consistent range during the retrieve and excels when worked with a lift and drop action.

The head design of the Flow Bullet jig head allows baits to glide smoothly toward the bottom for a more natural presentation during the fall. Built around a high-quality C’ultiva thin wire hook, Flow Bullet is dangerously sharp and has excellent sticking power. Flow Bullet is finished with a thread bait keeper on the shaft, perfect for keeping baits in place without tearing them, even after repeated catches.


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