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Tiemco PDL Super Living Fish

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Quick Specs:
Hollow Body | Fin Tail
Stable Rolling Action | Realistic Flash
Eco Safe Material
Uses: Mid-Strolling and Surface Twitching

Model SizeWeightQty/pack
Super Living Fish 3"2.1g7pcs [*Real Colors (#70-#74) contain 5 pcs/pack]
Super Living Fish 4"3.9g6 pcs

The Tiemco PDL Super Living Fish, designed by JB TOP50 Angler Keifumi Yamaoka, is one of Japan’s most sought-after and renowned mid-strolling minnows. Super Living Fish features all of the key qualities of a premium quality hover rig/strolling bait: body roll, minute tail vibrations, and realistic colorways.

Designed to be used with the tournament-winning mid-strolling technique, the PDL Super Living Fish pairs well with round-head jigs and more specialized offerings such as the Owner C’ultiva Range Roller. The body design embodies the subtle and appealing life-like rolling action of a wandering baitfish. The tail is designed to be as large and thin as possible without adversely affecting the body’s rolling. The fin-shaped tail features a pintail spine that gives the tail structure and creates moderate tension in the water for an appealing natural action.

With subtle shaking of the rod tip, Super Living Fish will gently roll side to side and a high level of body flashing as it slowly moves through the water column. Featuring a hollow core body, Super Living Fish is easy to rig, durable, and buoyant. The buoyant body allows Super Living Fish to be fished slower and higher in the water column than other baits, putting the lure in front of the fish for longer to draw in bites from otherwise tight-lipped fish. Super Living Fish can also be rigged weightless with an open hook and used as a subtle topwater presentation, with gentle shakes creating ripples on the water’s surface that attract fish to bite.

Designed in Japan and built using the highest quality eco-friendly materials.


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