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Tiemco Glimmer 7


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Quick Specs:
70mm (2.75″) | 5.6g (3/16oz)
Hover-Strolling and Mid-Strolling Hard Lure
Body Rolling Action | Appealing Flash
Feathered Rear Treble | Top Mounted Double Hook
Running Depth: 3-10ft
Recommended Tackle: 6’2″-7′ UL-L Rod, 4-6lb Line (0.4-0.8 PE)

Designed specifically for the mid-strolling technique, the Tiemco Glimmer is the first hard bait of its kind. Taking the bass-angling scene by storm, strolling techniques such as hover-strolling, mid-strolling, and bottom-strolling have found their way into several major tournament wins in recent years. Developed in Japan to draw bites from ultra-pressured fish, often suspended in clear and open waters, strolling imparts a realistic action to the lure that imitates a lost and wandering minnow, a surefire way of triggering the feeding instincts of bass that can’t resist an easy meal. When using traditional soft plastic for strolling, many anglers have found that their hookup rates are lower than expected, rigging can be overly complicated, and the presentation can often be difficult to control properly. With the Glimmer series, Tiemco has developed a way to overcome these shortcomings and offers a presentation that beginners and experts in strolling techniques can use with a high degree of success.

Equipped with a treble hook at the rear and a double hook on top, Glimmer has an exceptional hookup ratio and keeps fish pinned. The top hook is ingeniously held in place with a magnet so that it lies flush against the lure’s back, keeping the lure running true and straight while also allowing the hook to quickly pull away from the lure body during a bite for a clean hook set. Glimmer offers further advantages with its highly detailed and realistic colorways that have a high level of appeal and can be matched to local forage. Glimmer 7 is internally weighted, giving it excellent casting distance and an effective target depth range of 3-10ft.

For best results, cast Glimmer past your target, let it sink to depth, and begin a slow and steady retrieve back to the boat/bank. Glimmer will maintain its running depth and perfect horizontal posture while tracing a straight path to your target. By gently shaking the rod tip throughout the retrieve, Glimmer rolls side to side, creating a ton of appealing flash and drawing the attention of even the most passive bass. Perfect anytime bass are tight-lipped, and the fishing is tough, the Tiemco Glimmer is the ultimate evolution in strolling baits and is a must-have in any finesse enthusiast’s tacklebox.


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