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Tiemco Critter Tackle Wild Mouse Soft Bait

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Quick Specs:
88mm | 3.5″
4g | 1/8oz
Bouyoant Elastomer Material
Top Selling Topwater Soft Bait in Japan
Qty/Pack: 3 pcs

Tiemco Critter Tackle Wild Mouse is a soft bait topwater mouse that offers an amazing skipping performance, a walk-the-dog swinging action, and a weedless rigging presentation. Made from a high-quality elastomer material, Wild Mouse is a buoyant and durable soft bait rodent imitation. The rounded butt end offers incredible skipping performance, allowing you to put the lure into hard-to-reach areas such as under docks and overhangs or into exposed drainage pipes. Work Wild Mouse with a twitching rod tip to get a walking, swinging action that imitates a fleeing mouse or insect at the top of the water. On the pause, the slender tail quivers in the water, inviting curious and weary bass to feed.

[Recommended tackle]
Rod: Ultra light to medium light bait finesse or spinning rod
Line: Nylon & fluorocarbon 3-6 pound line or PE 0.3-1
hook: Offset hook #1 Front and rear recommended


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