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Savage Gear Ned Salamander


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Quick Specs:
75mm | 3″
2.9g | 1/10oz
Duratech Plastic | 10x Strength
Salt & Scent Infused
Qty: 5 pcs per pack

The Savage Gear Ned Salamander is designed to imitate one of the most common forage foods of bass across North America. With its finely ribbed body, flared gills, and appendages, the Ned Salamander displaces a lot of water and offers a unique action making it easy for bass and other predatory species to hone in to. Built from Savage Gear’s Duratech plastic, the Ned Salamander is durable, lasting catch after catch, and offers the perfect buoyancy and sink rate. Ned Salamander is salt-infused and scented, eliciting strong reactions and feeding responses. When downsizing is the key to success, make sure the Ned Salamander is in your arsenal.


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