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Jackall Jelly Sardine 55 Shad Tail

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Quick Specs:
55mm | 2.16″
2g | 1/14oz
Slow Sink Soft Plastic | Kicking Shad Tail
Glow Flakes | Transparent Body
Clip-Through Eyelet & Treble Hook
Qty: 3 pieces (2 pre-rigged, 1 spare body)

The Jackall Jelly Sardine 55 Shad Tail is a soft body lure designed to target rockfish and other light game saltwater species. Induce bites with a steady retrieve as the shad tail’s thumping side to side swing delivers all the action.

Molded from durable soft plastic, the Jelly Sardine 55 Shad Tail features a translucent body highlighted with natural colors and glow flakes, perfectly imitating the small baitfish, and young squid predatory species love to feed on.

Each pack includes two pre-rigged soft plastics, with an eyelet at the front and a single treble hook at the belly attached via a wire-through design, and a spare body.


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