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Palms Alexandra Shade 43S

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Quick Specs:
43mm | 1.7″
5.3g | 1/5oz
Schooling Minnow Concept
Multiple Actions | Natural or Erratic
Twin Single Barbless #10 Hooks

The Alexandra Shade 43S from Palms is an entirely new concept in the realm of JDM trout minnows. Featuring a 43mm sinking minnow body accompanied by a smaller floating minnow “shadow,” the Alexandra Shade offers a schooling baitfish effect that works predatory fish into a frenzy. The Alexandra Shade is ideally employed in creeks, streams, and rivers. It can be slowly drifted through the current, giving it a natural motion in the water that stays within the strike zone longer than standard minnow lures. While drifting, gentle rod shakes will send a natural quivering motion to the shadow minnow inviting reaction strikes from even wary fish. Alternatively, Alexandra Shade 43S can work the lure quickly with a steady retrieve and sporadic rod twitches that send the upper minnow kicking in the opposite direction of the main body minnow, creating an erratic and enticing action. With its low center of gravity to balance the opposing minnow bodies, this lure runs true at any speed and offers an easy way to stand out in waterways where the fish have “seen it all.” The Alexandra Shade is equipped with opposite-facing twin single barbless hooks at the back of the main body minnow to ensure a quick and easy hookup, whether attacked from below or behind and offer an easy and safe release for the fish once you haul them in.


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