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Nikko Sculler Shad


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Quick Specs:
69mm | 2.7″
3.7g | 1/8oz
Floating | Scented
Tall Profile | Narrow Body
Super Tough Material
Made in Japan
Qty: 5 pcs per pack

The Nikko Sculler Shad is an effective soft body swimbait designed to produce great action at all speeds. Made with a super tough soft plastic, the Sculler Shad is extremely durable and delivers a lively action with a solid tail thump.
Designed for greater effectiveness when jigging and in faster retrieve conditions in both fresh and saltwater, this simple, high profile, narrow-body swimbait presents a live bait fish silhouette that gets attention from a wide variety of predatory species. The Sculler Shad’s slightly heavy tail provides a smoother, more natural action when given quick jerks when jigging or on faster retrieves, such as when used in saltwater or as a search bait.

Like all Nikko soft plastics, the Sculler Shad is completely free of plastisol, environmental hormones, and toxins.


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