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Jackson Cyarl Blade 48


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Quick Specs:
48mm | 1.89″
4g | 1/7 oz (Floating)
6.6g | 1/4oz (Sinking)
Hard Body Frog
Double Belly Hook | Single Tail Hook
Snag Free | Twin Willow Blades

The Cyarl Blade 48 by Jackson is a small hard-bodied frog lure designed for bass fishing. Featuring a #8 barbless double belly hook and an extra-strong #4 barbless single hook on the back, the Cyarl Blade 48 is virtually snag-free and can be comfortably fished around cover and structure. Initially designed as a smaller model (Cyarl Blade 35) for large trout, the Cyarl Blade 48 was redesigned for bass fishing with excellent results. Work this lure in a stop-and-go motion, the double willow blades will draw attention, and the natural look on the pause will tempt wary fish to bite.


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