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Jackson Bottom Magic Light Tune


Quick Specs:
55mm | 2.2″
3.8g | 1/8oz
Sinking Plug | Internal Rattle
Weighted Head | Buoyant Tail
#8 Single Barbless Hooks
Made in Japan


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The Bottom Magic by Jackson is an area trout plug designed for targeting low-lying trout and other predatory species feeding on bottom-dwelling baitfish. The Bottom Magic features a weighted head and a buoyant tail so that it always keeps a tail up posture enticing strikes and helping to avoid snags by keeping the hooks up and out of the way of bottom structures. The Bottom Magic Light Tune is a lighter, more finesse version of the popular Jackson Bottom Magic. Effectively worked several ways, a quick darting motion will make the Bottom Magic Light Tune move with a dance-like motion underwater, while a slow retrieve (about 2-3 seconds per handle turn) while twitching the rod tip will make the Bottom Magic Light Tune shimmy and shake like a feeding baitfish enticing even tight-lipped trout into biting. When fishing colder water or highly pressured fish the Bottom Magic Light Tune is a go-to lure to turn to. Equipped with dangerously sharp single barbless hooks, the Bottom Magic Light Tune is ready for catch and release fishing right out of the box.


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