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Jackson Athlete 55LL Mebaru Tune


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Quick Specs:
55mm | 2″
4g | 1/7oz
Slow Sinking | Saltwater Hardware
Fluttering Fall | Meandering Action
Targets Upper Water Column
#12 Treble Hooks

Due to their quick sink rates, the typical sinking pencil lure requires a fast retrieve in order to target the upper water column. With the Jackson Athlete 55LL Mebaru Tune anglers can present the tried and true action of a sinking pencil lure while working the top 6″ of the water column, the ideal spot for targeting rockfish (mebaru). Two tungsten weights are incorporated into the Athlete 55LL Mebaru Tune, one in front of the front hook and one directly behind the front hook to give the lure a slow horizontal fall and an increase in casting distance. The Athlete 55LL Mebaru Tune provides a fluttering action on a slow fall and a meandering S-shape motion during the retrieve, mesmerizing wary fish and enticing strikes.


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