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Jackson Athlete + 45 SVG Light Game

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Quick Specs:
45mm | 1.77″
2.2g | 1/12oz
Sinking Minnow | Saltwater Safe Hardware
Flat Side + Tall Body Height | VG Lip (Vortex Generator)
Made in Japan

The Jackson Athlete + 45 SVG Light Game is a tiny sinking minnow with Jackson’s patented Vortex Generator Technology. This unique VG lip design allows for longer casts without an internal moving weight system. Vortex Generator features tiny bumps on the lure’s lip to reduce the tumbling typically caused by lips during casting leading to an average casting distance increase of 10%. The Athlete + 45 SVG Light Game body features a fixed weight system for the best and most consistent swimming action. The body sides are relatively flat for a strong visual flash and increased control in strong currents.

The Athlete + 45 SVG Light Game is well suited for all light game saltwater species, including sea bass, rockfish, sand bass, etc.


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