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Jackall Timon Comfy Package- JDM Trout Finesse Starter Set


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Quick Specs:
JDM Trout Starter Set
5 Lures, 2 Quick Snaps, Storage Case
Perfect for Stream and Pond Fishing
3lb Line Recommended

Comfy Package by Jackall Timon, Jackall’s trout-specific line of lures, is a starter set for anyone interested in getting into JDM trout lure fishing. These packages were put together by Timon’s pro team members, with lures selected based on proven results for the water conditions chosen. Every kit includes two spoons, two trout plug hard baits, and a Deka Bung. Also included are a storage case and two quick snaps, so you have everything needed to equip your bait finesse rod and reel and get out on the water for some trout fishing.

The Deka Bung is a unique disc-shaped bait intended for vertical fishing. The lure’s shape helps it fall to the bottom of the water slowly and horizontally, triggering reaction bites from schooling trout.


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