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Heddon Teeny Torpedo

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Quick Specs:
38mm | 1.5″
2.9g | 1/8oz
#10 Treble Hooks
Walk-the-Dog Action | Prop Bait

The Heddon Teeny Torpedo is an ultralight take on the classic prop (propeller) bait. This small topwater lure can be twitched for a walk-the-dog action or steadily retrieved just like a mini buzzbait. The propeller on the back will churn and kick up water, causing a bite-sized commotion that draws in bass, trout, panfish, and more. The aerodynamic shape and weight of the Teeny Torpedo are suited for excellent casting distance, allowing the Teeny Torpedo to cover a lot of water quickly and in a compact, fish-attracting package.

1 review for Heddon Teeny Torpedo

  1. Brian D’Isernia (verified owner)

    Heddon torpedos are an all time favorite topwater bait of mine, the teeny torpedo catches everything and is perfect for ponds.

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