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Eurotackle Finesse Fat Assassin 3.5″


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Quick Specs:
89mm | 3.5″
2.6g | 3/32oz
Ribbed Body | Finesse Pintail
S-Pheremone Technology
Qty: 9 pcs per pack

The Eurotackle Fat Assassin now comes in a 3.5″ size. This finesse worm was developed for bass fishing and can be used for various techniques.
Thanks to its action-enhancing design, this thin, soft lure will become your new favorite bait on drop shot rig for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and spotted bass.
This new size of Fat Assassin will also be an excellent finesse jig trailer, Ned rig, and Neko bait.
This worm’s shaped and ribbed body gives it a lifelike action and a perfect balance.
Like all Eurotackle soft lures, the Fat Assassin is made of a super soft and durable plastic injected with Eurotackle’s unique scent, the S-Pheromone Technology.


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