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Duo Tetra Works Ikakko


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Quick Specs:
38mm | 1.5″
5.7g | 1/5oz
Squid Shaped Jig/Spoon
Vertical/Horizontal Presentation
#14 Single Treble Hook
Made in Japan

The Ikakko from Tetra Works, Duo’s finesse saltwater line of lures, is a jigging spoon molded after the body of a tiny squid. The Ikakko is well-suited for beach and inshore BFS anglers with its excellent casting distance and fast sink rate. When worked with a horizontal cast and retrieve, the Ikakko presents a spoon-like swimming action with a wide wobble. For vertical presentations, anglers can jig the Ikakko with excellent results. Made in Japan from high-quality hard plastic, the Ikakko offers a natural transparency mimicking the squid that light game species love to feed on. Equipped with a sharp JDM #14 treble hook to ensure the catch lands in the net.


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