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Duo Spearhead Ryuki 50SP “Himemasu” – Limited Edition


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Quick Specs:
50mm | 2″
3.3g | 1/8oz
Suspending Minnow | #10 Treble Hooks
Limited Edition Himemasu Model
Made in Japan

The Limited Edition Himemasu model of the Duo Spearhead Ryuki 50SP features bright and bold colorways designed for targeting fish in muddy and stained water conditions. With colors that cut through the water and create a strong silhouette, the Himemasu Limited Edition 50SP is ideal for targeting fish after rainstorms and snowmelt in headwaters and creeks. “Himemasu” means Kokanee in Japanese, and the Himemasu 50SP is perfect for tackling trout, salmonids, and even bass in rivers, creeks, and streams.


The globally renowned Spearhead Ryuki from Duo International is now available in a suspending variant. With the same streamlined and flat body profile as the highly popular sinking model, the Spearhead Ryuki 50SP offers an irresistible wobble and kicking action as it cuts through the water with a stellar stop and quiver on the pause that entices strong reaction bites. Coming in at 3.3g in weight and 2″ in length, this minnow lure is perfectly sized for creek, river, and lake fishing when targeting trout and other predatory freshwater fish.

The Duo Spearhead Ryuki 50SP is made in Japan, comes equipped with size #10 treble hooks, and is built to be highly durable.


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