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Varivas Maji Hook Revival 5


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Quick Specs:
Offset Worm Hook
Anti-rust × Zero FriXion Coating
Stealth Grey Color

  • #3, #2, #1 (pack of 8)
  • #1/0 and #2/0 (pack of 7)


VARIVAS “Maji” Hook Revival 5 is an updated take on the highly acclaimed classic VARIVAS System 5 hook. The classic hook combines the penetrating power of a straight shank hook with the technical characteristics of an offset worm hook, giving anglers the best features of both hook types. The Maji Revival 5 features a redesigned length between the hook point and barb as the length between the hook eye and crank, making it easier for experts and beginners alike to rig a large variety of soft plastic lures successfully. The “Maji” Hook Revival 5 features VARIVAS’ original Anti-rust coating to block salt, oxygen, and water from penetrating the hook, preventing rust and preserving the hook’s sharpness for longer durations. Hooking and penetration performance are also enhanced thanks to the addition of VARVAS’ Zero FriXion coating.Varivas Maji Hook Revival 5


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