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Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon Line


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Quick Specs:
Soft | Supple | Extremely Low Memory
Excellent Castability
Fast Sinking | Very Low Stretch
200yd/183m Spool

# TestDiameter MMDiameter Inches

InvizX is a top-selling 100% fluorocarbon line from Seaguar, the company that invented fluorocarbon fishing lines. InvizX is specifically engineered to be extremely low memory, making it soft, supple, and manageable, all traits highly valued in line choice for bait finesse fishing. InvizX is strong and offers good knot strength, low stretch, superior sensitivity, excellent abrasion resistance, and fast sinking. InvizX’s refractive index is similar to water, making it almost invisible underwater and thus a perfect choice for line-shy fish.


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