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Rebel Pop-R


Quick Specs:
64 mm | 2.5″
7.8 g | 1/4 oz
Topwater Popper | Chugger
Tinseled Rear Treble | Two #6 Hooks

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The Rebel Pop-R is the most widely used and well-known topwater popper on the market. This lure can be worked slow like a dying baitfish, fast like a fleeing baitfish, or any speed in between. Work it with the rod tip up or down, each way will give it a unique action and sound as it splashes at the surface attracting predatory fish.

When it comes to bait finesse we consider this full-sized popper to be on the Power BFS spectrum. Throw the Rebel Pop-R with a light to medium light rod using astraight braid or 8 to 10lb monofilament for the best hookup rate and action.


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