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OutKaster Slammer Series Spoon


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Quick Specs:
Tight Wobble | Slender Profile
Hand Painted in California

2.5g (1/12oz)30mm (1.18")
4g (1/7oz) 34mm (1.34")

Handpainted and field tested in Northern California, the Slammer Series Spoons from OutKaster are proven multispecies fish catchers. Slammer Series Spoons offer great casting distance by featuring a dense yet slender profile that more easily cuts through the wind. The tight wobble on the retrieve emits vibrations through the water, helping predators hone in and enticing violent reaction strikes.

The Slammer Series Spoons from OutKaster are here to take your finesse spoon game to the next level. Available in ten colorways to suit various water conditions and fish temperaments. Each spoon is meticulously handpainted, making every one a unique piece of art. Slammer Series Spoons are equipped with single barbed hooks right out of the box to minimize snagging and lost lures.


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