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Kingdom Goldpop


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Quick Specs:
35mm | 1.38″
5.5g | 1/5oz
Floating | Cupped Mouth
#12 Treble Hooks

The Goldpop from Kingdom is an attention-grabbing topwater lure that combines the drawing power of a plopping propeller blade with the enticing action of a popper. Whether worked with twitches to create a water-spitting commotion or burned across the surface with the tail sputtering and plopping, leaving a trail in its wake, aggressive fish hone in on the Goldpop. Designed with a streamlined body, the Goldpop casts a mile and is ideal for covering water when searching for a pattern. The Goldpop offers a strong visual draw to match the action and sound, featuring bold colorways and a silver flake embedded in the tail. Equipped with extra-sharp #12 treble hooks and a tuneable tail, the Kingdom Goldpop is action-packed and ready to fish right out of the box.


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