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Jackson MUSHiiiiN


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Quicks Specs:
32mm | 1.25″
2.4g | 1/12oz
Floating Insect Imitation
Soft Bait | Silicone Skirt Legs
Bite-Sized Appeal and Action
Weightless, Ned Rig, Dropshot, Jig Trailer
Qty: 5 pcs per pack

MUSHiiiiN from Jackson is a small floating soft bait designed to target pressured fish when the bite is tough and tournament winnings are on the line. Part of Jackson Quon’s “Money Bait” lineup, MUSHiiiiN offers finesse and subtlety in a bite-sized package. MUSHiiiiN’s cicada-like motif is just the right size while being dense and buoyant, offering incredible casting distance and just the right action to draw in weary fish of all species. Rig MUSHiiiiN weightless and cast it near cover, grass lines, leaf litter, or anywhere else insects like to dwell to discover what makes this small bait a “secret weapon” among competitive Japanese anglers.


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