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Jackson Dart Magic


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Quick Specs:
Sinking Plug
Resin Body | Lead Head
Lifeless Fall | Quick Twitching/Darting Action
Saltwater Safe Hardware | Saltwater Colorways
Made in Japan

3g (1/10oz)43mm (1.69")#14 Rear Treble
5g (1/6oz)50mm (1.97")#12 Rear Treble

The Jackson Dart Magic is a small baitfish imitator designed to trigger bites with its erratic darting movements. Constructed with a hard resin body and a lead head, the Dart Magic is designed to attack the bottom of the water column with its unique profile and presentation. With its no-action lifeless fall and horizontal posture on the retrieve, the Dart Magic offers a subtle wounded baitfish action that draws the attention of wary light game predators. Where the Dart Magic truly shines in its unpredictable darting action when twitched on a slack line. Let the Dart Magic sink to the bottom, and with gentle pops of the rod tip, the lure will sharply dart left and right as if frantically fleeing, creating strong reactions from game fish that entices them to chase and instinctually react with violent bites. Equipped with a sharp JDM saltwater-safe treble hook on the belly, the Dart Magic is a downsized lure effective in both freshwater and saltwater angling for a large variety of species.


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