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Jackson Bone Bait 3.5″ Swimbait

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Quick Specs:
3.5″ | 4.2g
Versatile Swimbait | Salt & Fresh Waters
Shad Tail | Ribbed Body
Uses: Jig head, Texas Rig, Jig Trailer
Qty/pack: 5 pcs

Designed to take on everything that swims, Bone Bait is highly effective when targeting largemouth, smallmouth, and peacock bass in freshwater and a wide array of saltwater species, from rockfish to striped bass and snapper. Equipped with a hard thumping shad tail and fine ribs along the body, Bone Bait provides a solid and natural action that offers incredible drawing power. Designed with a perfect balance between the flat-sided body and tail, this swimbait offers a stable swimming action at all retrieve speeds, making it ideal for everything from slow bottom crawls to quick sub-surface burns. The body design also contributes to more solid hooksets by incorporating fine ribs on top of the solid body that easily collapse, allowing the hook to come through and penetrate with ease. The solid inner body of Bone Bait offers slight rigidity that prevents it from curling up on itself and getting tangled around the hook during casting and hooksets. Try Bone Bait out as a standalone swimbait presentation when paired with your favorite jig heads or as a trailer for your spinnerbaits, bladed jigs, buzzbaits, and swim jigs to catch nearly every species that feed on baitfish.


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